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What is the difference of short-term loan and installment loan?

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For our short-term loan, you can be approved for:**

  • — First time borrower: Php 1,000 to 10,000 payable for 5-15 days, one time payment only on the given due date.
  • — Repeat Borrower: Php 1,000 to 25,000 payable for 5-30 days, one time payment only on the given due date.

With an interest rate of 1.5% daily interest.

For our Installment loan, you can be approved for:**

  • — First time borrower: Php 1,000 to 10,000 payable for 5-15 days, one time payment only on the given due date.
  • — Repeat Borrower: Php 10,500 to 25,000 payable for 90-180 days, (3,4,5, and 6 months terms) with a repayment scheme of 1 payment every 2 weeks.

Interest rate depends on amount you want to borrow and loan duration.

How much is the interest of this loan service?

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The repayment amount is available in the credit calculator before you apply.

The interest rate depends on the amount you want to borrow and the loan duration. No other charges will be applied if you pay in time.

My application has been approved. When can I receive the money?

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The requested quantity is sent immediately after signing the contract. The speed of receipt of money depends on your bank and is 1 to 2 days. For Cebuana Cash Pick-up and G-cash, transfer will not be more than 24hrs within working days.

The loan has been approved but the money does not appear on the account. Why?

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We will send the requested amount immediately after confirmation of the contract. From there, it depends on your bank. Normally, the transfer takes place within a period of up to 2 days. Or less than 24 hours if you will use Cebuana Cash Pick-up or a G-cash account.

Is it possible to cancel the application?

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  • This can be done until the moment of signing the contract. After the signature of the same, the money is sent immediately. In this case, you can only repay the loan early with minimal interest. You can check the amount to be paid in the robocash.ph customer service line or in your personal account. If you have not yet confirmed the contract, send an email to support@robocash.ph.

How long will it take from the approval of the application to the receipt of the amount?

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We send the money to you a couple of seconds after confirming the contract. Then everything depends on your bank. It is possible to expect the reception of money during the week during the working hours from 8:00 to 16:00. In the case of approval of the application during the night, it is possible to receive the money the following morning. If the approval has occurred during the weekend, you will receive the transfer on Monday morning.

What if I have been denied the loan?

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If you are of legal age and have always made credit payments on time, there may have been an error. Try once more to fill out and send the application. The more personal data you indicate, the greater the chance that your application will be approved.

ow can I pay the debt with the bank card?

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On the stipulated day you have to enter the web page robocash.ph to the section of your personal account. Within the list of «Active loans» you have to choose the one you want to repay or extend. When you give the corresponding button you will be offered a list of the methods of repayment of the debt. Click on the «bank card» option and proceed to the payment. The more detailed description can be found under the section «How to return the money».

What do I do if I have sent the bank transfer but the payment has not been made?

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Some banks make transfers within 5 business days. You have to send the scanned payment receipt to support@robocash.ph. This will prevent delay. Also we advise to use the services of the bank on-line or to go to any branch to avoid the delays of this type. In case of late arrival, write to our email or call our customer service.

Is it possible to pay the debt by paying with cash?

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In the web page robocash.ph print the formalized payment order automatically. With this document you can make the payment at any nearby bank. Important: transfers sometimes take about 5 days. To avoid inconvenience, send the proof of payment with the payment date to the address support@robocash.ph. This will allow you to avoid delays.

Lend Responsibly

“Robocash” appreciates responsible borrowers


The more the sum, the less the rate!

The “Robocash” appreciates the disciplined and responsible borrowers who make their payments on schedule, so it improves the terms of their contracts. Each new loan will be more advantageous! So, if you want to save, make loan repayments on time!

We have a special relationship with responsible borrowers. If you apply for loans frequently and always return them on time, your limit is gradually increased. In the following application you will be approved a higher amount with a lower rate. We trust the responsible borrowers, so we are always willing to offer you the lowest interest rates on successive “Robocash” applications. Take loan repayments seriously, do not lose your profit!

Some useful tips

Apply for the loan for an amount equal to your earnings a month or less, to be sure you can afford it.

Select the term of the loan, after which you can actually make the payment.

Return your debts on time. Delays and delays negatively affect your credit history and increase the amount of debt through the accrual of penalties